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  5. "Die Katze isst Fisch."

"Die Katze isst Fisch."

Translation:The cat eats fish.

February 6, 2013



The comments about "essen" vs. "fressen" are... Well, friendly, if not super helpful, since there is apparently no rule or logic to it.

I don't think I've seen "fressen" used anywhere in Duolingo yet. Maybe that's to avoid confusion for students who are learning, but isn't something "Das Pferd isst" pretty clearly wrong?


I believe when animals eat, the verb is "fressen" not "essen" and in this sentence would be "Die Katze frisst Fisch." Or does this not apply to all animals? Does anyone know for sure?


For sure: 1) Never use 'fressen' for humans unless you want to insult them and 2) it is never wrong to use 'fressen' for animals. Sometimes it's ok to use 'essen' for animals, too. It largely depends on the circumstances and on the animal in question. In general, as a rule of thumb: the cuter the animal and the more affection you feel for it, the more likely it is for people to use 'essen' instead of 'fressen'. But it really is save to stick to 'fressen', just accept that 'essen' sometimes is acceptable, too. (For cats we indeed mostly use 'fressen')


As people tend to consider their pets as member of their families, they tend to use more "essen" than "fresen" when talk about their pets?


I don't think it's that simple. Most people use 'fressen' for their dogs. For a hamster 'essen' is used a lot. There isn't any reliable logic behind it. I guess for non-native speakers it's best to just stick to 'essen' for humans and 'fressen' for animals. Just be aware that you can use 'essen' for animals too.


I will remember that, thank you ^^


Thank you a lot for that explanation! You seem to be pretty good at this language-suff


Yes. I also thought that fressen is used for animals and not essen as that used for people.


Where did Fisch come from? I could guess the meaning but I don't recall seeing it before.


Please i want to know for sure: does make a difference when one says, "Die Katze isst den Fisch"?

[deactivated user]

    It does, because that would be saying "THE fish", implying that it is a specific fish. It's like saying "the dog eats hamburgers" vs "the dog eats the hamburger"


    I was taught that "fressen" is for animals and "essen " is for humans. This case is an animal and I have written "Die Katze frisst Fisch" and I was told I was wrong that the correct answer is "Die Katze isst Fisch".

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