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Bug report - lesson not working in Verbs 4

Hello, One lesson in the Vietnamese tree is not working. It is lesson 3 in the skill "Verbs 4". When I try to load this lesson, my the page either does not load or it redirects me to the main tree.

I can load other skills in the tree and I can also test out, it is only this lesson that seems to be the problem. If it is really necessary, I can test out of this skill to continue my progress down the tree, but I don't really like testing out as I'm a completionist and I feel like I've done a more thorough job if I pass every single lesson.

Can any other users confirm if they've had the same problem or if that lesson worked OK for them?

Thanks :)

September 19, 2016

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Somewhere I found someone else with the same problem. As I recall, they were able to get around it by accessing it via mobile.

I don't have a mobile, and I'm stuck there now.

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