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No sound after hitting the "retry"-button

Sometimes (quite often actually :-)) I run out of hearts during a lesson. When I press the "retry"-button almost everytime an error-message appears which tells me that my browser (Mozilla firefox, latest version) isn't able to play sound although it played the sound before perfectly. Usually I just reload the webside and everything was OK, but since yesterday I have to go back to "home" to the tree, choose the modul and start the lesson new. Does anyone else has this problem, too? Is there a way to fix it? It's no drama but still some extra clicks and a little bit annoying... Many thanks in advance :-)

February 10, 2014



Well I have no audio at all now, I did last week, right before I got the (new) designed look. I'm on Google tv unit using chrome browser, I keep coming back to test it and see if fixed yet, not yet, strange how new (look) took the audio away for me.


Me too. Refreshing the page seems to work but I lose all progress. Chrome with AdBlock Adblock is disabled for all duolingo domain.


I'm having the same problem. Firefox 30.0 on Ubuntu 12.04.

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