Join the Skype Group Chat to Improve Your Swedish !


For a while now we have had a Swedish group chat on Skype. If you would like to improve your Swedish conversational skills feel free to join.

We currently have 50+ members. It is usually active in the week. So regardless of your skill level, feel free to join in the conversation (use google translate if need be). We also have a native speaker who can help you and some have been learning for several years, so it really is a great tool. The more people using it, the more active it will be..

Join Here:

2 years ago

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I feel like I'm way too underleveled for this, so I'll probably just read whatever people write and try to understand :B

2 years ago

Don't be afraid to look up the words you don't know. Even if you just have a basic "hello, how are you" conversation you can grow and learn from there. Don't be afraid to join in.

2 years ago

can you give me the name of group to join from mobile?

2 years ago

Duolingo Svenska

That link works for some people on mobile, unsure why it hasn't worked for you.


2 years ago
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Hej, maybe we should also create a group on facebook? :P

2 years ago
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