"Én jó sofőröket kérek."

Translation:I want good drivers.

September 19, 2016

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Why is it that sometimes Jó becomes jók, but not in this case? Its still plural right??


"Jó" before a noun doesn't change and only the noun becomes plural.

You are good boys. - Jó fiúk vagytok.

You are good at something(sport/music/learning) - Ti jók vagytok valamiben.


so then what does jók mean??


You should say:

These are good - Ezek jók. or
These books are good. - Ezek jó könyvek.

but Ezek jók könyvek would sound bad.


okay I see! thank you so much! :)

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So, this is more of a request to someone else, if I understood 'kérni' correctly. If I wanted to say that I want good drivers in general, I would use 'akarok', right?


Yes, this is a common way for making a request. Akarok would sound a bit nagging or bossy or I don't know, rude after all. If you just want to say a declarative sentence about something you want, it's perfectly normal to use "akarok".


What is the difference here between kerek and keresek and szeretek please? I am getting these wrong consistently - (and how do you do accents on this board) ?


kérek = I ask (for) = I would like. e.g. vízet kérek = I would like some water.

keresek = I am looking for, that is, actually searching for something.

szeretek = I like e.g. bört szeretek = I like wine, as in enjoying wine.

If you are on Mac or iOS then hold down the key you want to type, and once the accent options come up release the key and choose the accent you want. You can do them all except for ő and ű this way. On Mac/iOS, you can set up a text shortcut in settings for these characters (you can choose something unusual like ô or ooo or o"" to map to ő)

Or you can go into settings and add the Hungarian language keyboard. This works great for iOS and Android, not so much on laptop (since the actual labels on your keyboard don't change)


it's vizet and more importantly, bort. :)

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