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  5. "The plate is not good."

"The plate is not good."

Translation:Der Teller ist nicht gut.

February 6, 2013



Why is "der Teller ist gut nicht" wrong?


got the same question...anybody, please help! Shouldn't nicht come at last?


I second this; I have seen examples where nicht is at the end of the sentence


"Nicht" goes at the end of declarative sentences but before adjectives if the sentence has adjectives. http://german.about.com/od/grammar/a/The-Position-Of-Nicht.htm


Ahh i puted " der teller ist schlecht" it's the same thing but didnt work


Translate almost word for word, don"t change the meaning or use different words. Each sentence is testing your knowledge of specific words so writing something else which has the same meaning is not in line with this goal.


I agree with you and would like to add that "not good" does not always mean "bad". For example, I could mean the plate is not sufficient or not as useful. Changing to "bad" could change the meaning.

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