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"What was the weather like Thursday?"

Translation:Sut oedd y tywydd ddydd Iau?

September 19, 2016



Why is 'Sut roedd y tywydd ddydd Iau?' also correct? Isn't 'r' in 'roedd' always dropped in questions?


(This particular questions is a zombie - make sure that you get the latest version of the Duo app and that you restart your browser. The zombie should have been fixed in the last few days.)

No. r- is dropped from forms of bod that start a question, but only sometimes after question words.

  • Wyt ti'n rhugl yn Gymraeg eto?
  • Oedd e'n mwynhau'r swydd yn Aberdâr?

After adverbial questions (pam, ble/lle, pryd and sut when it means 'how?') the r- is kept in 'good Welsh', but is sometimes dropped in informal usage:

  • Sut roedd y tywydd ddoe?
  • Pam roedd Dewi mor dwp?
  • Ble roedd e ddydd Llun?
  • Pryd roedd eich pen-blwydd?
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