"A magyar sportoló a harmadik, a német pedig az ötödik."

Translation:The Hungarian athlete is the third, and the German is the fifth.

September 19, 2016

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"The Hungarian athlete is the third, the German in turn is the fifth" was [I think] incorrectly marked wrong as I purposefully included "in turn" - which is the meaning of "pedig". A little frustrating; as a result I missed testing-out of the section.

OK - it's not catastrophic. I'll make a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and start all over! :) ~ Max


I translated 'sportoló" as athlete and it was marked wrong in favor of "sportperson", which is not even a word in English. I translated "pedig" as "whereas" and that was marked correct. It seems this sentence uses athlete in the tranlation, but does not use whereas. I would say the best translation is "The Hungarian athlete is third, whereas the German is fifth."


Sportsperson is a closer translation for sportoló in British English as it covers participates of all sports whereas athlete is more correctly translated as atléták, somebody who takes part in athletics.

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    Dreadful translation : the definite article is not required here in British English


    The definite article is not needed. If they were the third or the fifth "something or other" then it would be.


    Since when is (whereas) not acceptable for pedig?


    Same question. In a previous DL exercise, pedig was translated as whereas.


    I answered "... pedig a német...". What is the rule for placing "pedig"? I thought either would be accepted.


    Im getting so bored of typing everything and aurocorrect miscorrecting it and failing. What happened to all the fun?

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