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  5. "Ήμουν στο σαλόνι."

"Ήμουν στο σαλόνι."

Translation:I was in the living room.

September 20, 2016



salon noun sa·lon \sə-ˈlän, ˈsa-ˌlän, sa-ˈlōⁿ\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Simple Definition of salon : a business that gives customers beauty treatments (such as haircuts) : a large room in a fashionable house that is used for entertaining guests

I answered salon for σαλόνι. that is not my first choice but I used it this time for variety and also it obviously comes from the Greek word. It should probably be accepted as a choice.

the above is from the dictionary

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I love the etymology. I'm afraid "salon" was rejected as too restricted to an earlier time period in a house. "Σαλόνι" in Greek is used only for a house so "hairdressers etc" would not be fitting.


Actually, in Greek the word σαλόνι is not only used to refer to a living room, but that's what it means almost always when it's on its own, without a modifier and/or out of context (rarely it can mean the sitting furniture of that room, the car furniture, or the centrefold of a newspaper/magazine though here, without a relevant context none of these can apply). With modifiers it is used for different concepts, e.g. σαλόνι ομορφιάς - beauty salon, ναυτικό σαλόνι - boat exhibition etc. Anyway, all of the above are just for some further info, in this sentence we can only translate it as that room of the house (living room, lounge, family room etc).

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Thanks, Chrysi that really covers it well and helps a lot.

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