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  5. "Một nghiên cứu sinh"

"Một nghiên cứu sinh"

Translation:A PhD student

September 20, 2016



From Chinese 研究生

  • Mandarin: yánjiūshēng
  • Cantonese: jin4gau3saang1
  • Hokkien: gián-kiù-seng
September 20, 2016


does nghiên cứu sinh also mean that a student who is studying in master/PhD degree upon the completion of bachelor degree (student of postgraduate education) ?


I researched the vast stores of knowledge of the Internet and it lead me right back to you. It just so happens that I am living in Saigon in a house of locals, one of whom is a professor and VP of an engineering university. I'll ask him for clarification and come back here and edit and add what I find out.


Please just anyone , tell me why "one researcher" is not a correct answer if "a researcher " is??????????? Dl please help me ?!! I am lost ! Anyone ?!!!


I can't tell you that, it would be a lie. "One researcher" is also a correct answer. In some cases, the course accepts both. It's been years since corrections and inconsistencies have been done so add it to the rest of the junk like not accepting telephone for phone but accepting television for TV. And my personal favorite, marking you wrong when you correctly wrote down every word of the spoken sentence and they would not accept one spoken word.


Thank you Songve ! Appreciate your help


Is this just a joke in a learning course or just the regular piece of nonsense i find here !?


It kind of forces you to seek out other sources to clarify the language. There are some native speakers on here that are not mods or staff that sometimes poke in here and provide excellent clarifications, the kind that should be in Tips and Notes. There are none for this section.

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