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  5. "Một nghiên cứu sinh"

"Một nghiên cứu sinh"

Translation:A PhD student

September 20, 2016



From Chinese 研究生

  • Mandarin: yánjiūshēng
  • Cantonese: jin4gau3saang1
  • Hokkien: gián-kiù-seng


jin4gau3sang1 in Cantonese


does nghiên cứu sinh also mean that a student who is studying in master/PhD degree upon the completion of bachelor degree (student of postgraduate education) ?


Please just anyone , tell me why "one researcher" is not a correct answer if "a researcher " is??????????? Dl please help me ?!! I am lost ! Anyone ?!!!


Is this just a joke in a learning course or just the regular piece of nonsense i find here !?


I've seen translations [elsewhere] for "doctorate" AND "PhD" as: "tiến sĩ" or "bằng tiến sĩ" (doctorate degree). Could it be that "tiến sĩ" has the more general meaning "doctorate"? (Sinh viên tiến sĩ = doctorate student / nghiên cứu sinh = PhD student)

I'm curious because in English PhD is in the category of doctorate studies, so you can call a PhD student a doctorate student and still be accurate in terms of type of postgraduate studies, it's just less specific in terms of more academic vs professional. i.e. a PhD is always doctorate, but doctorate is not always PhD. Same in Vietnamese?


Shouldn't "research student" also be accepted? I've heard it used plenty and it has the same meaning as PhD student

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