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  5. "Jeg sidder og ser fjernsyn."

"Jeg sidder og ser fjernsyn."

Translation:I am watching television.

September 20, 2016



Why is i sit and watch television wrong?


This lesson is about the Danish progressive construction and tries to be firm on the fact that it's not exactly understood literally as "sit/stand/lie/go and do", but rather that something is currently in the process of happening. Which is also what the English continuous form describes.


Agree. This should be correct (as many of similar previous examples). And theoretically I also could lie and watch TV...


I also agree! "I sit and watch television" is a literal translation of "Jeg sidder og ser fjernsyn". It's a word for word translation.


The thing is that duolingo always translates sentences word to word, i do not understand why not this one? And also sentences that resemble this one..


You're way ahead of me. I guess Danish ain't that easy!!


Not everything on Duolingo is word for word, the vast majority of it is 'equivalent' phrases and worse yet in American-English which is in some cases less direct than English.


It's not wrong!!! It's right!!


I think that it is because of it is supposed to be sitting when you watch tv or when you eat.


Guys, if you were studying English instead, would you have been expected to translate "It's raining cats and dogs" literally? I doubt it.


Nope, not true in any way.. The expression comes from a long time ago when the houses were covered with straw. The straw is very slippery when wet. The houses also used to be less taller than today and therefore dogs and cats used to climb there(depending on the weather outside it either kept them cold or hot), cats still do that, anyways, sometimes they were "surprised" by a very powerful rain and because the roof was slippery, they tended to fall down. That's where the expression comes from ;) I am still waiting for somebody to come with an explanation like this for the danish sentence...


Telly? Oh, come on.


I sit and watch television! This is the right translation.


The Danish constructions like "at gå/stå/sidde/ligge og gøre ngt" have the implication that the action is happening right at that moment. If you want to include "sitting", it's okay. But you should use the progressive tense in English to capture this in-progress feeling: "I am sitting and watching television."

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