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Duolingo dashboard does not track completed assignments

Hi there. I write here, even though it is a technical question and/or bug, because you guys might also have had this problem.

I'm teaching Spanisch, using German as the classroom language. I have been using duolingo since last year, and there was the possibility to see the students' individual progress. Now there is the possibility to assign homework, but I have tried it out and even though many showed me that they had done the assignment (I even saw them do it in front of me), it did not count as done. There even was one student who had two homework assignments, one was tracked as complete, the other one was not.

I am using windows 7 and 10 (I use different PCs to access Duolingo) and Chrome in both PCs.

Has any of you guys had this problem? How did you solve it, if you did? I was thinking about deleting the whole classroom and creating it again... Maybe that would solve it? What about the classroom language? Do I have to setup German as my own language if my students use it as a classroom language or can I keep using English? (Does it even matter?) I have students that speak other languages too. Do they need to also select German as their classroom language? Or can they select another one?

Thank you for your help!

September 20, 2016



Once the classroom is set up correctly, it doesn't matter what your base language is set to.

Are the students using the same course as your classroom? If they use the Spanish for English speakers course, their work won't show up in your Spanish for German speakers classroom.

Could it be either of those two?


Hi there! I took a look at your classroom and it looks like you may have created the assignments using the Spanish for English speakers course (the assigned skill is "Basics 1", not "Grundlagen 1"). It seems like your classroom is now correctly set up as teaching Spanish for German speakers, so if you create a new assignment now (and delete the old ones), everything should be fine! If your students have already completed Basics 1/Grundlagen 1, your dashboard should show the assignment as completed for them. I hope this help! :)


I am sorry I took so long to answer, but yes, it all worked now! It's like you said.

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