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A handy Greek/ English dictionary plus a useful conjugation tool.

I have found that the WordReference dictionary does have a Greek section (well hidden) click hereWordreference

In addition the Logos Conjugator has both a conjugator and a learning conjugator ... The normal one is in Greek but still easy to use and the learning one is in English.

Normal conjugator - click hereLogos

Learning conjugator - click hereLogos

September 20, 2016



Color or Colour me GREEN please share the wealth??? How, do you do it?


These are two excellent links which every learner should have. Many thanks.


I did send you a message, it should be in your notifications but just in case look at Hyllning's post hereDuolingo ....... This tells you how to achieve it but the quick answer is you write


here [site name eg. Duolingo] ( then the URL https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12948453)

but you leave no gaps between "here" and the first set of brackets, nor between them and the following set. So you would have (with no gaps)

here [Duolingo] (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12948453)

I hope that helps :-))


I got your magic message with the two links WordReference and Logo conjugator. I have tried Hyllning's post to no avail. It didn't penetrate the concrete of my brain. I'll try your explanation which sounds more on my level.


Yep! That worked :-)))

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