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"Ο ουρανός έχει πολλά αστέρια απόψε."

Translation:The sky has a lot of stars tonight.

September 20, 2016



I thought tha απόψε also meant this evening?


It can be "tonight" or "this evening" depending on the situation and how you configure 'evening' vs 'night'. In Greek απόψε is used for both.


"There are lots of stars in the sky tonight" (or with "many stars") is the idiomatic translation. All these sentences with "έχει" - "has" is fine for the literal translation, but you just don't say it like that in English.


We accept as correct translation: "There are (many, a lot of, lots of) stars in the sky tonight."


It is a Champions League night tonight... The starry banner is being now waved across the European sky!


Aren't there many every night? They're always there. We just can't always see them!


Yes, there are always a lot of stars in the sky, but the expression "there are a lot of stars in the sky." is very common in English and I image actually means "there are a lot of stars visible tonight." But we seldom add the visible.

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