"Odaköltözünk a japán orvos mellé."

Translation:We move there beside the Japanese doctor.

September 20, 2016

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next to: rejected. Reported. are moving: rejected. Reported as well


I have suggested in a report that "there" is not needed if you say "next to."


The last question had odaköltözik as "(she is) moving in" and "moving there" was not accepted. This question has odaköltözünk as "(we are) moving there" and "moving in" is not accepted.

How do I say this?



Once again, with feeling: költöz is a specific meaning of moving, the one where you pack up your stuff in boxes and then unpack them in a new-to-you place. It's taking up residence somewhere, not merely motion. As such, "beside" is ENTIRELY THE WRONG WORD. The default translation is BZZZT WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.


"We move in there beside the Japanese doctor." would work though.

I keep want to write "We are shifting to beside the Japanese doctor." But I refrain as it is probably just stirring.

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