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  5. "Sono sicuro."

"Sono sicuro."

Translation:I am sure.

February 10, 2014



What is the difference between 'sicuro' and 'certe'?


It is a female voice speaking so why would she not be "sicura"? It sounded like that to me.


I was a little caught off guard by that as well - but maybe DuoLingo is allowing for fluidity in the gender identity of their voice-over voices.

I'm all for it. (Added bonus, it forces me to actually listen carefully and not make assumptions.)


If the verb stands without the subject, then either sicuro or sicura should be acceptable. I'm female, so though I normally go with the masculine because I know the program prefers that, it should be acceptable for me to speak as is correct for me.


If I understand correctly "Sono al sicuro" would be "I am safe"!?


I have not tried it yet, therefore I do not know if DUO accepts it, but "sono sicuro" should also be translated to "I am safe" or "I am secure". It has got the same meaning in English and in German and maybe in some other languages.


I listened a couple of times and it still was Sono sicura


It sounds "sono sicurA" !!

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