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  5. "The men trust themselves."

"The men trust themselves."

Translation:Οι άντρες εμπιστεύονται τους εαυτούς τους.

September 20, 2016



Μονο οι άντρες με διαταραχή πολλαπλής προσωπικότητας can do that. Everyone else has only one εαυτό to trust!


Lots of people have been diagnosed with D(issociative)I(dentity)D(isorder).


Οι άντρες πιστεύουν στους εαυτούς τους is no good?


Πιστεύουν στους εαυτούς τους = They believe in themselves


I don't see the diference between "believe in" and "trust", and "πιστεύω" and "εμπιστεύομαι".

<pre> Οι άντρες πιστεύουν στον ΕΑΥΤΟ τους, or εμπιστεύονται τον ΕΑΥΤΟ τους, (because uncountable pronouns are in singular number in greek)is the correct form. Another example: Αυτοί που καπνίζουν κάνουν κακό στον εαυτό τους./ Those that smoke hurt themselves. Unlike the way it is in english where the reflexive pronoun is in plural : : "themselves". </pre>

But in both languages similarly, one would use singular in phrases of the sort: Some have children to save their marriage (and not, their marriages)/ Κάποιοι κάνουν παιδιά γιά να σώσουν τον γάμο τους , They will be judged by their conscience / Θα κριθούν από την συνείδησή τους, Children should be encouraged to use their imagination/ Τα παιδιά πρέπει να ενθαρρύνονται να χρησιμοποιούν την φαντασία τους. Most people love their country / οι περισσότεροι αγαπούν την πατρίδα τους etc.


Thank you. But strange. How about οι εαυτοι μας? Or κοιταζετε τους εαυτους τους? Actually, all plural εαυτο sentences are declined in the plural form, including the one here, as written above?


Actually, my question was about the verb rather than the pronoun.


Throughout the course the mεn is written as: αντρες and now as: ανδρες. Can it be written both ways or any of those is wrong spelling


Both "άντρας" and "άνδρας" are correct and accepted. Usually, we use "άντρας" as the first word shown but it seems in this case "άνδρας" was used. Sorry, for the confusion.


Thanks Jaye, got it

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