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"A férfi visszaül az autóba és elindul."

Translation:The man gets back into the car and starts off.

September 20, 2016



You really can't say "sits back into the car." The man can "get back into the car" or "sit back down in the car". Also, if "drives away" is not acceptable as a translation, could you please explain why.


"Drive off/drive away" should be accepted.


the worst thing is that when you have been doing this course for long enough you expect such dumb phrasing to be required and then get marked wrong in the few cases where it was fixed.


I interpreted visszaül as "sitting back"....but this is supposed to be the action of getting back into the car, not reclining. Recline is more fekszik, than ül


what is the difference between elindul and indul?


The difference is very little in this case. "Elindul" just makes it clear that it actually happens, the departure occurred, he is on his way. The "lift-off" phase is complete (completed action). "Indul" could still be getting ready to leave, almost there, in the process of leaving.


This is one of the verbs I knew from a long time ago.
Mikor indul a vonat? - At what time does the train leave?
The train is expected to leave, but officially hasn't yet.


Nobody ever "started off" !! "Sets off", "drives off" or "departs"


Eddig ha a közlekedési eszköz elindult, csak a "leave" kifejezést fogadta el a progi ...


fix this bad English.

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