"y and hymn"

Translation:ύψιλον και ύμνος

September 20, 2016

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I really don't understand what you mean by these english transcriptions!


They are simply a means to present the letters of the alphabet with a word containing that letter. It adds in learning the alphabet and building vocabulary.


some questions are confusing like What do you hear? I hear someone say Alpha an I type in Alpha but its not correct. why?


I've posted it and it marks it wrong !!!


We have no way of knowing what you wrote if you don't tell us. So:

  1. Are you on the web, Android, iOS?

  2. What were you asked? To type in Greek or in English?

  3. What did you type?

  4. Do you have a Greek keyboard?

Please let us know so we can give you advice.


γψιλον does not translate to γ should be gamma?


You seem to have confused some of the letters. Have a look at the alphabet. See the Tips & notes for the ABC skill and this link.


The exercise here is y and hymn or ύψιλον ypsilon. Here is the Greek letter Υ υ note that the capital looks just like the Latin Y and the lower case is like the Latin u.

This is gamma (γάμμα) Γ γ. This is ypsilon (ύψιλον) Υυ.


Both answers i got were incorrect


There seem to be a lot of glitches in this section. If you could tell give this information we might be able to help you.

Was this the web or mobile? What kind of exercise was it? What did you type and what response did you get?

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