Translation:From what?

September 20, 2016

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What from is ok too Please fix it


can you use this for something else than a physical place? For instance: what is this coming from? from my wildest dreams.


You can express a lot of things:

Miből gondolod, hogy nem voltam otthon? - What makes you think I wasn't home?

Miből lehet finanszírozni a növekedést, mielőtt az önfenntartóvá nem válik? -

From where can we obtain funding for growth before it becomes self-sustaining?

What do you do for a living? - Miből élsz/életek?


How about: Out of what?


Ohhh these sentences are so useful, you should write the lessons! !!


For translating ... coming from? i would rather use the word "honnan".

Where are you coming from? - Honnan jösz/jöttök?

What is this coming from? - Ez honnan jön? From my wildest dreams. - A legvadabb álmaimból.


Is it also possible to ask for a material with 'miből'? I mean in the sense of: 'What material is xxx made of?'


I agree with you it could also work Thanks for helping.


You never hear such a construction always and only that What from.Please native English speaker how did you miss such mistakes but the otherrs too


No, native English speakers might say "From what?" I'd agree that "What from?" is more common, but in these two-word questions, either order is possible.


Thanks for support.In this course I have more problems with English than with Hungarian.Nevertheless it is very useful.I must admit it


"from what?" is natural English emphasising the "from". "What from?" is equally natural but emphasising the "what".


The tips say 'bol' means 'out of' that it can be translated as 'out of'. So I translated the above sentence as 'Out of what':. Reject!!!! They want 'from what'.


I put two translations: From what? and Out of what? Neither was accepted. I did report it, but what now?


You wait. If they accept it it can take months. In the meantime just remember the accepted answer.

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