"The girl eats pasta"

Translation:Το κορίτσι τρώει ζυμαρικά

September 20, 2016

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I think this is the first time I've made this mistake, but... it's το κορίτσι, not η? Girl is gender-neutral?


Yes it's gender neutral.


you can say μακαρόνια (mikirone) macaroni in english but for us the food is called in plural or even spaghetti σπαγγέτι which is foreign but we can also say it sometime :)


I have heard people in YouTube videos calling pasta μακαρόνια too. Do some people call it ζυμαρικά too ??


Μακαρόνια is spaghetti. Ζυμαρικά can be any type of pasta such as spaghetti, lasagna etc


What is wrong with "πάστα"?


Πάστα in Greek is a type of cake.


Why is there no article? "ζυμαρικά" is like English "uncountable" noun?


Sort of... Ζυμαρικό = a/one type of pasta / 'a pasta' but the plural is the most common form. Ζυμαρικά does not necessarily mean more than one type of pasta, although you could use it that way (αγόρασα δυο ζυμαρικά = I bought two types/packs of pasta); it works a lot like an uncountable noun.
Here, it could be a general statement and there'd be no need for an article even if you replaced pasta with fish, for example. The girl eats fish = Το κορίτσι τρώει ψάρι, meaning she eats that type of food, she does not reject it. Also, some could implied, same as in English so no article is necessary.

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