"Kik mennek oda a teknőshöz?"

Translation:Who is going over to the turtle?

September 20, 2016

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Is this sentence correct ?
Who is going there....


Yes. English likes to always ask in the singular, unless it is about a specific group of people. Like, pointing at them and asking "Who are those people?".


"Who does go there...", which is the only possible construction in the app, sounds really odd to me.


It's odd, but grammatically valid, at least. The standard translation in the web version is better. I guess the mobile version has problems adapting to new translations.


The "odd man out" (kakukktojás) in this sentence is the auxiliary "does" for non native English students. We were taught at basic level that no auxiliaries are used when asking about the subject of the sentence so we would say "Who goes..."


Of course, there must be an exception :), does is added when contrasted with doesn't/does not

He does not go to the turtles. Then who does go to the turtles?


Who goES =ki megy?(he/she/it) Who go=kik mennek?(we,you,they)


English prefers using singular grammar with "who" and "what" as question words. "Who go..." makes me cringe.


Makes me cringe too as it is almost unheard of. Then again that doesn't mean it's grammatically incorrect. (Many people also cringe if a preposition is at the end of a sentence it is used in. ;) https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/30443/which-is-the-correct-question-who-has-vs-who-have/31139

I'm using the mobile web interface and the preferred translation is now shown as "who goes", so it seems ok. According to the grammar geeks it seems fine to use the plural too so I'm happy that it's accepted.


RyagonIV - Because flying kindergarten teachers are not cringe.


In the mobile version it is:

'Who goes over to the turtle'


Why isn't it "Who is going there to the turtle?"

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