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Всім привіт! Я нарешті закінчив українське дерево!

....і я дуже щасливий про це! Hopefully, I just wrote my feelings down correctly in Ukrainian! I want to thank Duolingo and the course contributors for giving Ukrainian a voice on this language learning platform! I know it wasn't without its flaws but I have enjoyed this course very much! Ukrainian is such a beauty among the Slavic languages and I look forward to more learning with the reverse tree and other available printed and online resources, as well as some wonderful Ukrainian language programs on YouTube. I'm also glad to hear that Duo Ukrainian is getting a boost from some new moderators and hope that the plans for the Ukrainian tree 2.0 come about. My progress with this course would not have been possible without helpful posts from several people. Among them are skstudio, Vinnfred, szeraja_zhaba and sagitta. There are some others whose profile names I just don't recall right now, but thank you too! Also, a thank you to SilverCharacter for passing on a little post of encouragement as I got close to finishing my tree. Дякую!

September 20, 2016



Вітаю! :) I'm waiting for Ukrainian Tree 2.0 too :) Also I'm planning to do the reverse course, but not now, because I'm busy, I hate school :/ Anyway, congrats once again and have a nice learning more :D


Thanks so much! And good luck to you too!


Будь ласка та це Лінгот для тебе :)


Don't worry! If it has anything to do with my "I must learn every word attitude" it will make the German and Norwegian look tiny


Вітаю! Congratulations! I hope you have fun with ukrainian.


Congratulations! Duolingo does keep you going, doesn't it :) Бажаю досягти рівня вільного спілкування. З найкращими побажаннями.


Ви дуже добрі! Дякую за теплі слова!


Wow! You finally made it! Дуже вітаю!

What's next for you? The reverse tree is good for review. I have also found this website Ukrainian language, courses on stress in Ukrainian and the reading Ukrainian are quite good.


Yes, I've heard of the website you mentioned. I'll definitely check it out. Up next for me is to get through the textbook "Beginner's Ukrainian" and I'm also going to try and tackle the Russian tree. Looks even harder than the Ukrainian tree!


Congrats, dude! Let me actually correct a little bit your sentence. It will sound more natural saying "і я дуже щасливий за це" or "і я дуже щасливий через це"


Thank you for your feedback!

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