"A meleg víz a hosszú, nehéz asztalok mellett van."

Translation:The warm water is next to the long, heavy tables.

September 20, 2016

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I was always taught at home that meleg = warm, and that forro = hot. Should warm water be acceptable?


There is some overlap and difference between the usage in English and Hungarian. So, what you are saying is true in general but, for example, the water in the bathroom is Hot/Cold in English and Hideg/Meleg in Hungarian. And in English, you think of someone "with a warm heart", while Hungarian does the same "forró szívvel".
Also, it is a relative thing. Something may not be hot at all, only unusually warm, and we would say "hot" or "forró".
So, it depends on the situation. But yes, both could be acceptable here.


Hot can mean both "forró" and "meleg". Warm water should be also correct.


What does this sentence mean? Is it a glass of water or a body of water or just a pool of water that spilled?

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