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Discussion search - a bug or a "feature"?

When I search for, say, "Luis" in discussions, I get a list showing only when his name is used by another poster in their reply, as in, "thanks, Luis!". I don't see posts he created.

Seems something is amiss? Or is this on purpose for some reason?

February 11, 2014



We search for content, so this is as it is supposed to be.


Thanks for getting back so quickly, kristinemc! So, there's no way to look for a particular post of my own from a few months back?


You can look back on your own stream for it. We'll think about this though!


Haha, umm, don't feel like scrolling for hours to find it! Because I follow a fair amount of active people, it's probably like 475 pages down. I will start signing all my posts so I can find them.

Is this something that changed recently? Because I remember looking for revdolphin's posts a few weeks ago and something didn't work, I enlisted your help, and then was able to see all his posts when I searched the discussion board. Thanks -- Ricaloca


Going to do some more investigating :)


hey was this ever solved? how do I search for user posts?

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