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  5. "Μαγείρεψε το κοτόπουλο!"

"Μαγείρεψε το κοτόπουλο!"

Translation:Cook the chicken!

September 20, 2016



It would be useful to have the tense and number of the verb in brackets. Otherwise, all the different forms could be overwhelming for a beginner.


I totally agree. I find myself going through a list of conjugations and not being able to figuring out which one is being used. Admin please add more grammar info in sessions like "imperatives".


This is actually the aorist form of the imperative, meaning "Cook the chicken right here and now". Μαγείρευε is the present form of the imperative, meaning "Cook it now and in the future." Thanks, Ancient Greek skills!


Could this sentence also be translated as -"(s)he cooked the chicken!"-?


'make the chicken' is nonsense!

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