"Elmegyek az iskolából."

Translation:I go away from the school.

September 21, 2016

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in previous exercise, elmegy means leave. but it is not accepted here


I think "I leave the school." should also be accepted.


Does this mean that I leave school, having finished my education at the age of 18, or just that I leave the building at tge end of the day? Or both?


i would say building definitely, judging from ban/ba/bol family. not sure about the other


From school and from the school implies the same in English, thus both should be accepted.


I feel a difference between I leave the school and I leave school. When I leave the school, I go out of the buildung and go home. If I leave school, I stop learning there forever.

Is it right?

Maybe I can use the same story for I go away from the school./ I go away from school.


I would say, if I leave school, i stop studying not only there, but altogether?

Great. The English and Hungarian meaning can have some very drastic differences with article or not and el- usually adds completeness. But forever or for today is not clear too.

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