"Who makes the bread?"

Translation:Ki csinálja a kenyeret?

September 21, 2016

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Ki készíti a kenyeret. Ez a válasz i jó lenne. Szebben hangzik mint a csinálja.


Why is csinálni the correct verb in this translation, but "Hol készítik a kenyeret' for 'Where do they make the bread?'


Készíti should be accepted in this sentence, too. It was just an oversight. You can report it if it comes up again for you.


Doesn't appear to have been updated yet.


Is there some reason, "Ki a kenyeret csinálja?" doesn't work for "Who makes the bread?"


The interrogative ki needs to be immediately before the verb. So there are two possible words orders here: A kenyeret ki csinálja? and Ki csinálja a kenyeret?


Thanks, much appreciated.


If making paprikast requires kesziti as the verb why does making bread take a different verb?


If I remember correctly from sixty years ago, csinálni was never used to indicate to prepare (készítni). Things could have changed by now.


I totally agree. We should avoid using the verb "csinálni", sounds rude. I'd rather use "készíteni" or even use the correct word for the procces: to bake = "sütni"


I can imagine cases when 'csinálja' would be a better option, than 'készíti'. (But I have to admit, in real life: not often. And also probably you could have a more exact word.) The latter has the meaning that this person creates the bread, while 'csinálja' only say that somebody does something with the bread, but it's not specified what exactly he does. For example if two waiters are preparing tables (filling up the accessories), and one of them asks: "Ki csinálja a kenyeret, és ki csinálja az asztali patikát?"


asztali patika (=table pharmacy) - spices (and condiments) used for flavoring at your table


I don´t understand, why it isn´t an acusative form of "kenyeret" in this case.

Shouldn´t it be "kenyeretet"?

Köszönöm szepen.


Kenyér is nominative.

Kenyeret is accusative.


Thank you.

Another question: Where can I found new posts to this issue, when I go into the "Discussion" Section of Duolingo?

I can delete this post after your answer, but for example this sentence doesn´t appear in the Englisch - Hungarian section.


Is this the correct plural form: "kik csináljuk a kenyeret"?


No, the plural form would be: Kik csinálják a kenyeret?

Or: Kik készítik a kenyeret?

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