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"the donkey is the favourite animal of our teacher."

Translation:Ο γάιδαρος είναι το αγαπημένο ζώο του καθηγητή μας.

September 21, 2016



Dismissed for entering "ο γάιδαρος είναι το αγαπημένο ζώο του δασκάλου μας"...


I'm sorry I thought we had καθηγητής και δασκάλου in all relelvant sentences but we slipped up. Thank you for letting us know and it's been corrected.


Hey no prob, this is BETA still exactly for us to give feedback and help the course become better and better. All of you guys are doing a fantastic job! :-D


Thank you, your encouraging words go a long way to helping us. And I don't mean only your input on the sentences but the positive reinforcement. From all of us ευχαριστούμε.

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