"And where are these kindergarten teachers falling down from, from between those airplanes?"

Translation:És honnan esnek le ezek az óvónők, azok közül a repülőgépek közül?

September 21, 2016



Már nem működik a red bull?

September 21, 2016


Maybe it would be better with "vörös bika". ;-)

Sorry, but that sentense has a stupid content, is using wrong english and is too long at all. So it combines all the birth defects of that course.

December 9, 2016


The sentences ARE getting to be long and convoluted. However, how else are they going to teach some of these words? I really like their efforts to inject some humor.

December 13, 2016


No, I am sorry, these sentences are neither original nor helpful, at least after you have read the twentysixth example of it and have been marked as wrong because of not having chosen the "right" word order.

One of the Administrator explained in a discussion thread about two months before, that the number of possibilities for the word order becomes exorbitant, the more words a sentence contains in Hungarian. So it is very difficult to implement all possible word orders of a sentence.

But my counterquestion, why ever then such long sentences are taken for this course, is still waiting for answer.

December 15, 2016
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