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  5. "Ο μαθητής θα έχει διαβάσει."

"Ο μαθητής θα έχει διαβάσει."

Translation:The student will have studied.

September 21, 2016



The verb "διαβάσει" will mostly be interpreted as "studied" in this kind of phrase. However, literally, it means "read"


Yes, we have both "read" and "studied" as correct and hope to be able to define it more in the next version of the course to avoid any misunderstandings. Thank you for the clarifying that especially for learners who are not aware of the usage.


Got a wrong answer for entering "the pupil will have studied".


Got "pupil" in plus ο σπουδαστής/η σπουδάστρια/ο φοιτητής/η φοιτήτρια, Ο μαθητής/η μαθήτρια because the "student" can be any of those.

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