"We are flying up too!"

Translation:Felrepülünk mi is!

September 21, 2016

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Is there much of a difference between "Felrepülünk mi is" and "Mi is felrepülünk"?


No, not really. The first emphasises the action more, the second puts more focus on the people.


Thanks! That makes me think having "mi is" first would be a closer fit to the original. This English sentence seems much more likely to be about adding "we" to the list of people who are flying up than adding "flying up" to the list of things we are doing.

Were the verb something a bit more everyday, I suppose it'd be more ambiguous: "we're getting our car washed, too" could easily follow "We're going to the grocery store" or "the neighbors are getting a car wash."


Second time is a row I got this one wrong. Do I need "mi" in the sentence?


In this one, logically, you probably do need it. The point of the sentence is almost certainly the "We too!" part of it. And so you need mi is in there.

Felrepülünk is without the mi in it is a possible sentence but it means "(In addition to something else we're doing) we are flying up too."


Yes, exactly. This sentence is trying to emphasize the person who is flying up. To be able to emphasize something, that something has to be there in the sentence. Also, the word "is" needs us so it can refer to us.


Thanks Jacob, I understand what you mean.

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