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  5. "Helen is eating this orange."

"Helen is eating this orange."

Translation:Η Ελένη τρώει αυτό το πορτοκάλι.

September 21, 2016



Is the eeta part of the name, of is that the definite article "the"?

Is this literally says "The Helen"?


Yes, names in Greek always require an article. The definite one, most of the times. The indefinite is used when you want to talk about a Helen out there that you or the person you are talking to don't know. F.e: i meet a (woman named) Helen today, who is very beautiful.= συνάντησα μια Ελένη σήμερα που είναι πολύ όμορφη.


Had to make the sentence without the words available. That's a bummer.


Sorry, we can't know what kind of exercise you had nor why there weren't any words. Perhaps you were supported to type the words.

Do you have the Greek keyboard?

How to get the Greek keyboard. How to find the Greek letters on it, how to add accents etc.


Follow these very important hints to help you learn on Duolingo.

1 Always read the comments before posting.

2 Read the Tips & notes, on the first page of each lesson you’ll see an TIPS. Click on that.

3 Read the drop-down hints. Pass your cursor over a word and a list of words will appear. The top word/phrase is usually the best choice.

4 Use the Report options at the foot of the exercise page to Report issues such as **My answer should be accepted.” etc Then be sure to leave a comment on the Discuss Forum


When you get up to level 2 of a lesson (I think; might be level 1) you have to type some sentences instead of being able to pick from a list. By level 5 almost 100% of them have to be typed. That's part of the natural progression. You'll never actually learn the language if you never have to spell the words yourself.

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We don't know. What did you type and how was answer graded? No one can see your answers, so please post a screenshot or, at the very least, copy and paste your submitted answer in the comment. :)


φάει instead of τρώει is wrong for sure?

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Yes, it's wrong. Check the conjugation table for τρώω and you'll see that there's no φα- root in the present tense. ;)


When should αυτό το be used and when should αυτος?


I have written "η Ελένη τρώει το πορτοκάλι αυτό" and it's wrong...


*The Drop Down Hint will show you exactly the words and the word order to write this sentence.


In greek we can say "το πορτοκάλι αυτό" or "αυτό το πορτοκάλι", so I believe I've made a good translation

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