"She is the woman."

Translation:Αυτή είναι η γυναίκα.

September 21, 2016

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PLEASE, add the possibility to hear the pronunctiation of the exercise after solving it, so we can still check the sound of the words!!!


Ive been doing this by using to the voice to text feature to see if I'm pronouncing it right


I go to the comment section and hit the sound button at the top of the page to hear it when its not available... but i agree it would be nice to hear it before submiting your answer


Why are there so many different spellings of A and THE?


If you read the Tips and notes, you'll see that there are three grammatical genders (masculine, feminine, neutral or neuter) and articles always match the gender of the noun they accompany. Additionally, as the words take different places within a sentence's structure, like subject and object, their form changes. That's how you get the cases (declensions), like he - his - him in English. The difference is that in Greek you have to change the form for every grammatical case, in every gender. :)


Those aren't available on mobile, only the web.


Omg I've been wondering why I haven't found what people are referencing didn't know mobile differed from Web?!


this is not possible without a Greek keyoard.


Nothing to do with this lesson but I cannot find a way to contact the Greek Team.I finished this tree and I am longing to learn further.Is the new tree available>I would love to do it. Second subject:is the Classical Greek course ready,if not, any idea what is going on with this course. Thank you very much for The Greek Team.This course is thoroughly enjoyable,I hope to get much more lessons.You have done a great job,Congratulations and please carry on.


Well, every time you post here you are posting to the Greek team. And on behalf of all the team Congratulations on completing the whole course..

The new tree is almost ready. The original audio system developed technical problems and had to be replaced and we are not satisfied with the present one. Duolingo is testing a new audio system, and from what we can tell it will be even better than the one we have now.

I'll leave you a list of outside sources that many of our learners have used and found very helpful for further studies.

We cannot make any predictions for a Classic Greek (or other Greek courses) at this point. We need volunteers with the right knowledge and time to create the courses. But we are hopeful.

Thank you so much for your kind words it means so much to the whole team that you have found what we do helpful.

Here are some things you might like use to go on with Greek.

1.These are stories translated by one of our learners from those used on other Duo language courses there are many topics. (Unofficial) Greek Stories https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39986846

I haven't read them all but those I have read are very well done.

2.Here is a list created by spdl76 one of our team members. This is huge!

Links for further studies. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39382279

  1. This is a series of lessons created by Panagiotis_ts another team member long before the official Greek course was introduced.


4.Here's another link sent to us by a Duolingo user which we like because it includes a lot of everyday conversations. It's called "Easy Greek" and it is very practical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxeKuajmHio

Best wishes. Let us know how you find these. And check back for the New Tree which has a lot more material.


how do you type this on a regular computer?


You need to activate the Greek keyboard from your device's settings. See here and here.


If it were " she is a woman" instead of "the" shoulf i be including "Μία" in my answer or would that make it "she is one woman" instead of "a woman"?


Μία is used for both a and one. Context then clarifies which one is meant.


Please what's the difference between ενα, ενας and Μία and when to use them ? Also how can we distinguish the two meanings of αυτή ? She and this ? Thank you

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