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  5. "An khoẻ thật không?"

"An khoẻ thật không?"

Translation:Is An really fine?

September 21, 2016



Better you use another name. Confusing with An and Anh. Just pick a different nam.


I agree. Especially for listening exercises this makes it rather difficult sometimes


Well if you're confusing An with anh then maybe it's an issue on your end lol.


A actually it's not. It is a UX thing. Bad for ux


I disagree, picking similar names helps me to hear the differences better.


Well between An and Anh, I would agree if they had used other names too..


An kuetta khong? Is it An or Ăn? Is the c' của? Các? Có? I think it's thật không at the end, but then we're back to the what comes after An or Ăn. Need a verb or an adjective maybe, it's a question because of the không at the end, but given that this sentence is about new phrases and new way to ask questions, what are the new words involved??? Decisions decisions... take the buzzer and lose a heart or spend another ten minutes trying to figure this out on my own... ok. Khoẻ thật ok. I hear it now. Will I hear it next time I have to review this lesson? Probably not.

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