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"I'm going to get better in the spring."

Translation:Dw i'n mynd i wella yn y gwanwyn.

September 21, 2016



Is 'mind' a typo for 'mynd' or is there a formbif mutation I gave missed?


Typo, now fixed. Thank you letting us know.


I can't understand why am wella  is used in place of yn mynd i wella  in one of the two valid answers.
As far as now, in Duolingo's exercises I had encountered the preposition am  meaning 'at' in time expressions (e.g. am faint o'r gloch? ), or meaning 'for' in sentences such as ble est ti am frecwast? , or dw i'n mynd am dro.
But I had never found am  before a verbnoun.
Thanks in advance for clarifying this construction.

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One of the meanings of 'am' is 'intending to go' or 'going'. This can been seen in the University Dictionary


Thus 'am wella' = going to get better.

However this construction is quite dialectical and was inserted by a previous contributor, it'll be removed from the revised course, when completed, as it's a bit confusing in this lesson.


Thank you!
I happened to find the same construction again just a couple of exercises later, namely in 'Are we going to arrive in time?' → yn mynd i gyrraedd / am gyrraedd.
I'll bear in mind that am  is also a colloquial replacement for yn mind i  when expressing near future actions.

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