"Ga i afal?"

Translation:May I have an apple?

September 22, 2016

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Am I right in thinking that, in this sentence, the word 'have' is not actually expressed in Welsh? I understand from the notes that 'ga i . . . ?' can be coupled with all manner of other verbs, but in this sentence there is no second verb. At least, so it seems to me.


Yeah, you can think of Ga i...? as both "May I...?" and "May I have...?".

The reason is that the word Ga i...? is a form of cael "have" so you don't need to say the word twice.


I'm curious, since asking "May I..." is viewed as more polite than saying "I want..." in English, is this also true for "Ga i..." compared to "Dw i eisiau..."?


Yep. Ga i "May I" is asking permission of someone in both languages so it's viewed as more polite than just stating Dw i eisiau "I want".

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