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  5. "Ειδικά για τους γονείς της"

"Ειδικά για τους γονείς της"

Translation:Especially for her parents

September 22, 2016



Why is "τους " required? Why can't you say "Ειδικά για γονείς της"?


Does this literally mean "Especially for them, her parents?


Actually, it doesn't mean anything at all. The sentence with the possessive doesn't make sense in Greek without the article. ._.


I think the sentence should be translated as "the parents of her", in order to understand the importance of the τούς. This is, it's showing the parents are the direct object


I think that, since there is especially on the sentence, there is no need for more emphasis, mostly because there is no hint of it. Even if there was, it would be more likely to say "Ειδικά για τους δικούς της γονείς", and that sentence would translate to "Especially for her own parents". And that's not the case here, so this sentence is fine just as it is. ^.^


Για requires the accusative and the possessive requires the article. Οι φίλοι μου = my friends, for my friends = για τους φίλους μου.


"specifically for her parents" was marked wrong

isn't that an acceptable translation?


It should be accepted, have you reported it?


Specifically and especially have quite different meanings to my ears. "Specifically", in this case would highlight that "it" is definitely only for the parents, while "Especially" could mean that "it" is not just for the parents, but they are entitled to more of "it" than others.


Indeed, but "ειδικά" can mean both and it was added some time ago.

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