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"Εμείς περπατάμε για περίπου μία ώρα."

Translation:We walk for approximately an hour.

September 22, 2016



Yes, we had an error in the database. Thanks for notifying us . It's been corrected.

Many thanks for the screenshot it helped a lot.


what about : "we have been walking for about an hour" wouldn't it translate the same ?


Have been walking is the present perfect tense as opposed to the simple present, which is used here in both Greek and English. The perfect tense implies that you were doing and still are doing something (like walking). The simple present can be used much more generally: What do you guys do on the weekend? Well, we walk for about an hour. What do you do to exercise? We walk for approximately an hour.


I understand that. But if you were to translate "we have been walking for about an hour", you could also say "Εμείς περπατάμε για περίπου μία ώρα. " couldn't you?


Since you are using the present perfect tense in English, I think you would have to use the same tense in Greek: εμείς έχουμε περπατήσει για περίπου μία ώρα.


I would say yes. There is no present perfect continuous ("have been walking") in Greek, only present perfect simple ("have walked"). The problem with the present perfect simple is that it implies that the action has finished right now, whereas the continuous means that we are still walking. Έχουμε περπατήσει conveys the same "finished, completed" meaning, so I would translate "We have been walking for about an hour" as "Περπατάμε για περίπου μία ώρα", to maintain the meaning of ongoing action.


In the 'slower' pronunciation of 'για' is there a tendency to add a 'κ' so that it sounds like 'eeka'


It sounds quite ok to me for a TTS (web version).

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