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  5. "Πάσα και σουτ!"

"Πάσα και σουτ!"

Translation:Pass and shoot!

September 22, 2016

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Since both shot and shoot are given as valid translations, and we cannot tell whether this should be a verb or noun based on context, both should be accepted.


Is σουτ supposed to be a noun or verb here? In sports commentary, English would use the nouns "pass and shot," not pass and shoot. Pass and shoot would be used as imperatives (for example a coach yelling to his players). σουτ seems like a noun, but the given translation uses a verb.


It is a noun. It is like saying, "Make a pass and take a "shoot" (shot).


Thanks for clarifying the intended meaning. I think the English translation needs to be corrected. I have never heard anyone use shoot as a noun in that context in English (and indeed did not see it as a definition in the dictionary). A "shoot" is not something you take in sports; a shot is.


Yes, good points. ''Pass and shoot'' in English seems to only make sense if both of them are verbs: as in [that player should] pass and [then] shoot''. Conversely, 'pass and shot'' in English only makes sense, as slh123 points out, if we're talking nouns: ''[that was a] pass, [followed by a] shot''. Then again, watching lower-level English football, you could be forgiven for thinking that a pass might ever be followed by a shot :)


Pass and shoot given as wrong too?


Shoot is a verb, so it's incorrect in this case.


I've never heard any of that in my life! Who says it? Makes no sense to my extremely unathletic brain.

What does it mean? Somehow 'pass and shoot' (as verbs in English) makes more sense to me. Is this soccer you're talking about or basketball?


It's not as common, but it can be heard in football/basketball/hockey and so on. This sentence had been created by using nouns only, since there was no "shoot" option available.


So shoot should be accepted. It evidently was and then wasn't.


"Pass and shoot" would translate to "Πάσαρε και σούταρε" (2nd person singular) or "Πασάρετε και σουτάρετε" (2nd person plural/formal). "Shoot" is used more often compared to "shot" in this case in English, but both are used almost equally often in Greek.


Pass and shoot should be accepted. Shot is totally wrong


It will be added, even though the exact translation of "pass and shoot" has already been given in my comment above. Since the case has now been closed and every question was about this, this discussion has now been locked.

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