"This cup will be held in France."

Translation:Το κύπελλο αυτό θα γίνει στη Γαλλία.

September 22, 2016

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Θα κρατά ? Is not the sense of θα γίνει that the cup will go to France, in which case you would say in English " The cup will go to France" My understanding was that the physical cup would be held In France and put in a showcase for one year.


I'm beginning to see some light, for example: "The opening match, semi-finals and final of the Football World Cup", "World Cup downhill title". So, apparently, cup refers to the tournament/contest to determine who wins the trophy (cup). But in both Gr and Eng. it's called simply "the cup" not "the tournament, game, match..."

I remember when I first saw this sentence I asked if they really wanted just "cup". So, I'll leave it and hope others are aware of what it is. I'm sure all the guys will be ok but as for the gals, who knws. If it seems a problem I'll add something like: the "cup match"? any ideas?


Ah yes, interesting, I would use the word "championship" or cup with a title, "Five Nations Cup" but I accept your point. Leave it for the moment. Maybe I have been watching too many championship finals recently and I have visions of the champions raising the cup in triumph and then carrying it back home on an open double-decker bus, all music and flags, to cheers from the home crowd.


The phrase is correct as it is, so is the translation. The cup refers to knock-out matches instead of group placements and then going to knock out matches. The cup match refers to just a match as opposed to the whole cup event. If you think it will be easier for people from outside of Europe or ladies, go for it!


Well even as a lady i managed to understand the sentence


"...all the guys will be ok but as for the gals..." Oh really, spare us the sexism! Oodles of guys couldn't care less about sports and lots of women follow avidly.


Dear Vivliothykarios... If you knew me you would not call me a sexist. You would know that I am secure in my belief in equality and have stood up for in all ways that matter enough so that I do see that there are differences... and that's ok, that's normal. My statement was true to fact. Yes, many men dislike sports and many women love them but get real. Watch a game on TV who are the spectators, listen to conversations among men. It's a fact of life.

The very fact that I was unaware of the use of the expression..."the cup is held"...which I thought meant the physical cup was kept in a cupboard in France show that this woman was in the dark.

Please don't come to blanket conclusions. I assure you we as a team are very careful to maintain equality in the course. Personally, I'm pleased that you are aware and battling sexism but perhaps because I'm so much older I've come to be realistic that there are differences in what interests men and women and that's ok. What matters are the inequalities that hurt women. Being a woman does not mean being like a man.


Why αυτό το κύπελλο is wrong? Only το κύπελλο αυτό is accepted


It is not wrong and it is accepted. There might be a technical glitch.


Η μετάφραση αυτή δε βγάζει πολύ νόημα. Το κύπελλο δεν είναι η διοργάνωση αλλά το έπαθλο. Η σωστή μετάφραση του "the cup" σ'αυτή την περίπτωση νομίζω ότι είναι "το πρωτάθλημα" κι όχι "το κύπελλο". Παράδειγμα: "the world cup" είναι το παγκόσμιο πρωτάθλημα.

Η μετάφραση "πρωτάθλημα" δε γίνεται καν δεκτή.

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