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  5. "Introduz o teu código."

"Introduz o teu código."

Translation:Enter your code.

February 6, 2013



I see from another question that the correct answer is "Enter your code"


"Enter" and "introduce" should both be accepted


Right, and they each have their own meaning. "Introduce your code" could be a command to enter a code to enter a secure sight, or maybe log onto a computer system. Is "introduz" able to be used as an imperative for such a command? I think that in Spanish one could either use the imperative here or the infinitive.


Entry your code? I am almost sure this is false?


"entry your code" is not correct. Introduce your code is also ambiguous. I guess introduce is being used here like "describe"?


What's the difference between teu and seu?


Teu is second person singlar. It's "your" code. And you could never have any doubt.

Seu is third person singular, but often used refering to second person as well (because of "você", which means you, but uses third person conjugations). So, in this case, seu means the same thing as teu = your. But you could have doubts, could be a third person's code.


I tried 'Enter your password' and it worked. This sounds better in English.

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