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"Sono cugini, se ricordo bene."

Translation:They are cousins if I remember well.

February 11, 2014



I put 'remember rightly' and was marked wrong. However, because "rightly" is an adverb it describes the act of remembering while "right", as an adjective (though sometimes used), should be kept for nouns. The same could be said of "correct" and "correctly."


my answer "if memory serves" has been marked wrong, yet it is the preferred one in colloquial English!!


The same happened to me! I'm new to Duolingo but I begin to understand that one shouldn't use "real" English here. Translate literally. Always. Che rabbia...


Unfortunately - or fortunately - not always. Just try and submit your better alternative via the error reporting. If the course authors still do maintenance and agree with your suggestion it will become an accepted alternative. If they do not agree, you will probably never know why, however.


Is there any difference between "they are cousins" and "their cousins" other than the context of the sentence? As there's no article to indicate possession with family it's a little confusing.


I would think "their cousins" would be "loro cugini" or something like that. source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/loro


If my memory serves me right, they are my cousins. I thought this is perfect and smooth English but it's wrong.

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