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"Τα κορίτσια είναι στο παράθυρο."

Translation:The girls are at the window.

September 22, 2016



is there any chance that this sentence may mean "the girls are by the window" instead of "the girls are in the window" ? Thanks.

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Yes, it could. "by" meaning "next to/close to" similar to "at the window."


minor subtleties.. "the girls are by the window" = "τα κορίτσια είναι κοντά στο παράθυρο" clarifying the proximity of the girls to the window, without addressing their visibility through the window. "τα κορίτσια είναι στο παράθυρο" = "the girls are at/in the window" implying that the girls are visible through the window without clarifying their relative distance to the window... "by" needs the word "κοντά"


Good morning! I have a question. Sometimes i make typo's like in this case 'at at the window' instead of 'are at the window'. To me it is obvious what went wrong. Is it possible to make something so you can correct it just after the check? Kind regards!

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Yes, I get your point and if was in a classroom the teacher would know very well that it was a slip up. But when there is a computer program grading the exercises you can see how that doesn't work.

Now, about "correcting" after the check, that would be a good feature. But I think hard to program. So l guess that until the computer program can be fine tuned we'll have to review before we send the answer. There are of course single word typos that are overlooked with a simple "You have a typo." message.

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