"Eleni and the Iliad."

Translation:Η Ελένη και η Ιλιάδα.

September 22, 2016

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"I Eleni ke i Iliada" is given as correct answer option. Does that mean latin script is also accepted going forward?


Hi! We have added Greeklish (Greek with Latin characters) manually ONLY for the best Greek translation in each sentence from ABC skill to Animals 1. This will last some months if it is to transliterate all Greek sentences and we have stopped for a while, because we are planning to implement language rules automatically for the whole course. We are discussing this with the Duolingo staff and this is the reason why there is no progress on manual transliteration the last days.

For more information about Greeklish and our transliteration rules check out Writing in Greek or Greeklish :)


Why η? Why not το?


Because both Ελένη and Ιλιάδα are feminine nouns.

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