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Problems with XP going to the wrong assignment

I've assigned Duolingo to each of my classes, and for each one, I've created two assignments. I made one for this Friday, and one for next, as these are recurring assignments for them. I did it mostly because I have kids who like to work ahead and would like some of their progress to go to future assignments. I plan on only posting one, maybe two, future assignments, but the kids are having issues with their XP going to the 2nd assignment instead of the 1st assignment due. We have tried having them click on "start" on the 1st assignment, but it still gives XP to the 2nd. Am I missing something here? It would seem to me that XP should go to the assignment due the soonest, but that does not seem to be happening here. Anyone else having this issue?

September 22, 2016



I think the system just isn't built to handle more than one active XP assignment at once. That makes sense - two assignments of 100XP, are the same as one assignment of 200XP.

It might be that the system needs fixing, to help people post their assignments in advance, but in the mean time, just make sure you only have one XP assignment active at a time.


I know right? My school, called Superschool, is having some problems with that. I put my one student on 20 XP per day, with the date due being one day after the other. He did 20 XP, but it went to the one that was due in six days instead of the one due in six hours. Therefore, i had to delete all of the 20 XP assignments. So my school is failing. Horribly.

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