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50K learners (progress update included)

Hello everyone!!! We have reached 50 thousand learners in less than a month!!! The course is running out normally. There are approximately 8 reports per 100 users, while our target is 3 reports. Your help is much appreciated.

  • Problematic audio cannot be disabled yet

  • We have transliterated Greek sentences to Greeklish as far as Animals 1. We have stopped for a while, because we have asked permission from the Duolingo staff to add language rules. If Duolingo accepts our proposal, Greeklish will be accepted automatically for all skills if you follow our transliteration rules posted on Writing in Greek or Greeklish

  • Greek will be available for mobile devices soon! We cannot give an exact date, but it may be in a few weeks.

  • Greek words cannot be removed, because the tree is locked. We can only replace wrong sentences with new ones by using the same word.

  • For the Greek keyboard on Windows or Mac check out here

  • Special thanks to D_ , mizinamo, panagiotists13, Stergi3, trezost, troll1995, Speugenia, Miliarma and anyone else who help learners and make our job much easier.

Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ,

Η Ελληνική ομάδα

September 22, 2016



Hi Theo and all developpers of the Greek course. It's such a pleasure to enjoy your great work! The course is very motivating and well structured and realy helps me to learn this marvellous language, mother of most european languages and beyond! The greek characters are the root of the value of this language and it would be a shame to allow the greeklish in this learning platform methodology which would make Duolingo look like Twitter level! Communication is an art and at the core of the value of our society. Simplification will lead to decadence and laziness. Don't forget that by allowing such mediocrity, this is destroying the culture and value this language represents! If there are people who want to communicate in an easy language, there's the Esperanto for this purpose. Please think about it :-)


Thank you for the mention :)

I'm happy if I can help some people.

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