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Visually Impaired Student

Hello! I have a student taking Spanish 3 that is visually impaired. I was wondering what types of settings I can modify to make it work for him. Obviously he can't read the text at all since he is blind and would need to have everything read to him or use the app/website in conjunction with another accessibility tool. He uses an iPad every day in class, but I'm not sure if he has a phone. He also has an aide that could help to some extent. Any suggestions? Thanks!

September 22, 2016

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I'm going to preface my comment with a note that Duolingo mods have previously told off and possibly banned users for employing bots. While we could use similar techniques to produce a more accessible interface, it may incur their ire.

It would also help a lot of you could give a rundown on the programs and hardware he already has. Braille monitor? Headphones? Text-to-speech programs?

There are (I think) four types of question: Write the Spanish, write the English, type what you hear and say what you see.

Write the English and type what you hear are presumably ok. They speak the Spanish aloud as part of the question and the settings already include an autoplay option.

If a bot can read the question and provide an answer, then I imagine it would be possible to read the English questions and feed them to a text-to-speech engine to read it out for him. Depending on a lot of things, we might be able to do that in the background so he can still just type into the regular webpage.

We could likely do the same with the say-what-you-see questions, but he'd have to wear headphones to avoid cross-talk. However those questions can be disabled in the settings.

If something that would read out the English questions for him would do I might be able to hack something together, but I'd want approval from the mods before I did anything.

Edit: multiple choice questions need to be thought about. Tricky.

The feedback of right and wrong answers would need to be dealt with too.

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