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  5. "Τι σημαίνει υποσυνείδητο;"

"Τι σημαίνει υποσυνείδητο;"

Translation:What does subconscious mean?

September 22, 2016



So I've come across several sentences like this now across multiple lessons, following the form "What does ____ mean?" I would suggest replacing these with new sentences where the meaning of the new word is actually used, since this current type of sentence doesn't provide any useful context, and any word could go into the blank.


Very-very useful Greek words and themes... The end of this Greek is terrible. I started to study English cca. 40 years ago, I travelled a lot, spoke with a lot of people, but there are such expressions in this lesson, that I never used in my English conversations in these 40 years.

The first half of this Greek tree is OK, but the end is horrible, unuseful, and could be mad much better (by the way I checked the Hungarian, it is also awful, stupid, and not really helping to stud a language easily). On the other hand the French, Spanish and German seems quite useful. Russian is OK, though could be better. Indonesian also does the job. So it is possible to make good trees. The current Greek is not one of them... :( (at least my "subconscious" doesn't like it :))))))))))

Here you are also a very(???) useful sentence (from the same lesson) "Structuralism studies texts analytically ." Well... I really don't know how could I live and communicate at all, without knowing in foreign languages the word "structuralism"


I am fine with the way it is cause I want to learn the words in Greek. I know what they mean. I do not want to learn philosophy here. I want to learn the language here.

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