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  5. "She put on a sad expression."

"She put on a sad expression."

Translation:Ella puso una expresión triste.

February 6, 2013



Did she put it on herself or someone else? To me, I'm guessing she put it on herself, and therefore the verb should be reflexive.


"Ponerse" has only a very narrow meaning of "put on" -- to put on clothes. Also, what you are describing is subject having an indirect object relationship with itself, while reflexive verbs describe a direct object relationship. So no, definitely not reflexive.


Can you expand, I don't understand what you are saying? Thanks.


I am saying:

  1. Reflexive form of the verb "poner", which is "ponerse", has a narrow meaning that only includes putting on clothes. You cannot use it for a facial expression, unless you are being very figurative in your speech.

  2. Reflexive forms never mean the relationship that Peli describes, therefore, his conclusion is wrong to begin with. In the sentence "She put it on herself", which he uses in his reasoning, "She" is the subject, "it" is the direct object and "on herself" is the indirect object (technically, the way it is presented, it is an adverbial phrase, but let's allow it). The subject and the indirect object are the same person, true, but that's not what reflexive verbs are, as they mean the subject and the direct object is the same.

With these two things in mind, the provided translation is completely correct.


Thank so much. That was much clearer and many times more helpful. I thank you for your time.


I'm with you on this


I wondered, as "aspecto" also means "appearance" and I included that in my choices --- any help with understanding why this did not work


I put "una expresión dolorosa" and it wasn't accepted. Does "dolorosa" have a different meaning of "sad" that doesn't make sense here?

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